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Mayor Bill Shearer

The Village of Maineville operates under the Mayor / Council form of government.
Mayor - William Shearer  (12/31/2015)  
The Mayor shall perform all the duties prescribed by the bylaws and ordinances of the municipality. He or she shall see that all ordinances, bylaws, and resolutions of the Legislative Authority are faithfully obeyed and enforced. He or she shall sign all commissions, licenses, and permits granted by the Legislative Authority, or authorized by Title VII of the Ohio Revised Code, and such other instruments as by law or ordinance require his or her certificate.
(§ 31.016).  The office of Mayor is part of the Executive branch of government.  
President Pro-Tem - Linda Humphries (12/31/2017)
When the Mayor is absent from the municipality, or is unable, for any cause, to perform his or her duties, the President Pro Tempore shall be the acting Mayor, and shall have the same powers and perform the same duties as the Mayor.
(§ 31.002).  The President Pro-Tem of Council is selected at the first meeting in January by a vote of the Council.  The office of President Pro-Tem is part of the Legislative branch of government.  The President Pro-Temp of Council is appointed yearly by a nomination of the Village Council. 
Council Members  
    Roger Bingham        (12/31/2017)  
    Douglas Drook         (12/31/2017)  
    Roger Gaebel           (12/31/2017) Appointed 1/2014
    Mike Kembel            (12/31/2015) Appointed 1/2014
    Delmas Sevier          (12/31/2015)  
The legislative power of each municipality shall be vested in, and exercised by, a Legislative Authority, composed of six members, who shall be elected by the electors of the municipality at large, for terms of four years (§ 32.001).  The Legislative Authority shall have the management and control of the finances and property of the municipality, except as otherwise provided. (§ 32.010)
 (Term Expiration Date)
Mayor's Court - 1st and 3rd Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Village Council - 1st and 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 PM 
Planning Commission - 4th Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Finance Committee - 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
Event Committee - TBD
The Village of Maineville Council and its committees may call special meetings from time to time.  When necessary, the Village will post information about the Special Meeting in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 731.46. 
Agendas Minutes
January 7, 2016  
January 21, 2016  
Work Session  
Fiscal Officer - Debra Schmahl
The Fiscal Officer serves the same purpose as a Clerk/Treasurer and is responsible for maintaining records of all Council meetings, Village Documents, Human Resources, Payroll and Investments.  The Fiscal Officer position is an appointed position. (§ 31.044). The office of Fiscal Officer is part of the Executive branch of government.   Mrs. Schmahl joined the Village in July of 2011.
Solicitor - Kevin McDonough
The Village Solicitor is the Chief legal counsel for the Village.  The Solicitor also serves as Prosecutor in the Mayor's Court.  The Solicitor position is an appointed position. (§ 31.100).  The office of Solicitor is part of the Executive branch of government.  Mr. McDonough has served the Village since 1997.
Clerk of Courts - Kathy Freel
The Clerk of Courts is responsible for all aspects of the Mayor's Court, including case entering, BMV reporting, Council reports and Supreme Court Reports.  The Clerk of Courts is an appointed position and also serves as the Village Police Clerk.  Mrs. Freel  joined the Village in August of 2006.
Chief of Police - John D. Reynolds
The Police Chief is responsible for the daily operations of the Maineville Police Department and operates under the general direction of the Village Mayor.   Chief Reynolds joined the Village in December of 2005 and was appointed Chief in August of 2006.
Village Engineer - CDS Associates
Village Planner - McBride Dale Clarion
Planning Commission - See Ohio Revised Code Section 713.02
William Shearer, Mayor
Doug Drook, Council Representative
Gus Bunnell, Resident         (Term Expires 12/31/2014)
OPEN SEAT                           (Term Expires 12/31/2016)
OPEN SEAT                           (Term Expires 12/31/2018)
OPEN SEAT                           (Term Expires 12/31/2020)

Zoning Board of Appeals
LeAnne Loffer, Resident
Lia Davis, Resident
Ashley Findlow, Resident
June McEwan, Resident
Eileen Fiebig,Resident

Finance and Audit Committee - Resolution 2010-R49
William Shearer, Mayor
Doug Drook, Council
Mike Kembel, Council
Linda Humphries, Council
OPEN SEAT, Resident
Debra Schmahl, Fiscal Officer (Advisor)
Police Interview and Recommendation Committee
Resolution 2010-R51

Chief John Reynolds
Lt. Beth Mason
Kathy Freel, Clerk of Courts
Kathleen Farmer, Resident
Holiday and Event Committee
OPEN SEAT, Council - Chairperson
OPEN SEAT - Resident
OPEN SEAT, Business Manager

Position description     Police Application
The Village of Maineville does not accept resumes without a completed application.  Applications must be complete, please read the "Applicant Information Sheet" before completing your application.
Candidates for employment with the Village of Maineville will be required to undergo a complete background check by the Village Applicant Investigation Group.  "Applicant Investigation Packets" are sent to prospective candidates and are not part of the original application.
Depending on position applied for, multiple interviews may be required.